first attempt

This response may be peppered with a bit of my own recent frustration with a response, from a company I worked at for nearly 2 years, via an invalid email alias that is generated by someone in the organization.

In my opinion, people just do not know how to say ‘no’. Nor are they willing to just say it. Or have a real conversation with someone. They hide behind tools that allow them to not be known or approached. How long does it take to say, “no, thank you”. How much time do we spend going on an on about how we hate spam or sales calls or…yeah, yeah, I’m doing it here. Granted, clicking a button is easy but also as quick as “no, thank you”. And how much nicer is that tiny bit of human contact that could be your next best greatest thing. I’ve always said, you just never know. My promise, I’ll always respond.

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  • tinyelvisgirl Says:

    I’m a little slow. I don’t get it… what happened? an invalid email alias told you what?

    But I can agree with your point on people hiding behind tools… not being willing/able to say “no, thank you.”

    Human contact is nice… I especially like hugs. Long, full body hugs that are warm and sincere. I do appreciate those who are consistent about responding. I aspire to be… but what do you recommend for the ADD, over-stimulated, slightly brain damaged (too much gas huffing in the 70’s)? We really have a tough time tracking sometimes. Shiny things… they are so pretty.

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