Questions, just the beginning

I’ve been thinking a lot about the next presidential election.    I mean really…who isn’t.    I don’t think it’s going to take much to at least match the qualifications of the current president.    But what are qualifications anyway?    I spent more time scrutinizing qualifications of someone who was going to design shoes or a bag a few years back than than I think we are truly able to do for a presidential candidate.    In this pop culture driven society, how will we ever get what is needed to know to make an informed accurate decision?    I know how many drug test’s Spears missed…or do I?    I finally know that J.Lo is pregnant…or is she?    It’s a very tragic thing, but really an entire CNN Larry King about the death of Kanye West’s mother due to complications from plastic surgery?    Image as qualifier?    I’m thinking that we are about ready to choose candidates to run this country by image.    What are we going to do?    Who can we trust to ask the questions and who will answer them?    I have many for both sides.    Here’s one question I’ve had for some time now.    Finally, I’m actually starting to hear something about this.    I heard writer Wayne Barrett on NPR today.    He’s known and written about Giuliani since before the 80’s.    My questions.    Giuliani, you couldn’t keep New York safe and you want me to believe you can keep an entire country safe?    He wasn’t prepared,  even after the first attack the the trade center.    Qualifications?    He was there in NY on 9/11 and Bush wasn’t, so this makes Giuliani a hero?    You put the command center at WT7 against everyone’s better judgment.    Which left NY with a non-functioning command center on 9/11.    Not having this cost first responders lives.    He says he investigated terror cases, the NY Times said he didn’t.    In 95 the FCC gave NY a unique waiver for additional frequencies to make radio’s inter-operable and Giuliani didn’t act on it.    So Police and Fire could not communicate on 9/11.    He says he’s a terror expert, but had not even had any kind of briefing on Al-Qada until after 9/11.    So this perceived image of Giuliani as some sort of hero has been crafted, and now that somehow makes him presidential?    Will the image and the perception of leader trump facts?    What are the facts?    Someone tell me!

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  • Deeeebra Says:

    Facts: Giuliani, though he does have a chance at winning the primary (I guess) has no chance of winning the election. If he did, we’d know beyond any shadow of doubt that the system is completely corrupt, just like we thought way back when Dubya robbed Gore. I think they should let my 10-year-old niece run the country. She’s do a better job than any of them.

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