I Voted!

I voted, I’m done and I want to be able to shut it off from my TV.  Where is the switch?  There is no one left in my house who needs to know who’s zooming who, so I want a switch to shut that crap off of my TV!

I’ll admit it.  I have no problem admitting it.  I used to like John McCain.  But after his VP selection I couldn’t take him seriously anymore.  That said, was it the lesser of all the evil, Rudy, Mit? Even Joe might have been trouble.

I’ve resigned myself to the idea that in my lifetime campaigns will never be discussing the issues.  Think about it.  Even when we aren’t in the middle of an election is anyone talking about what is really going on?  Are the people we elect truly making a difference.  Or are we to busy telling other to “shut up and sing”, or they are doing this to get the press to follow them around.

When did it happen that the point from A to Z became so fractured?  Did you read it?  I did.  I’m still trying to figure out what a tax credit for the wooden arrow company in Oregon had to do with the Wall Street bail out.

How about a bill that includes details and information just about what it is intended for. I know…I know…I’m crazy.  And while I’m being crazy, how about some real language that actually says something?
TAXUNDERSECTION901.—In applying section 901, the
13 amount of any foreign oil and gas taxes paid or accrued
14 (or deemed to have been paid) during the taxable year
15 which would (but for this subsection) be taken into ac-
16 count for purposes of section 901 shall be reduced by the
17 amount (if any) by which the amount of such taxes ex-
18 ceeds the product of—
19 ‘‘(1) the amount of the combined foreign oil
20 and gas income for the taxable year,
21 ‘‘(2) multiplied by—
22 ‘‘(A) in the case of a corporation, the per-
23 centage which is equal to the highest rate of tax
24 specified under section 11(b), or

Really?  Thanks for clearing that up!

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