It comes up often, but tell me something. How often do you think about the idea or concept of value? And how your value not just professionally, but personally deliver’s for you.

Today at AIGA Career tools value came up as the panelists were talking about their business and this economy. It made me think of a sentence in the preface of Dov Deidman’s book, “How, Why How We Do Anything Means Everything…”. It’s a short sentence but for me was powerful.

“The tapestry of human behavior is so diverse, so rich and so global that it presents a rare opportunity, the opportunity to outbehave the competition.”

He goes on to say that it’s how we do things not what makes the most impact. The best path to success over time is, behavior over time.

Does an economy like this allow for much time to be paid to value? We are all scrambling to figure out how we stay afloat. Is that time of reflection maybe too internal to allow you to be successful. While you are trying to think how you restructure so that you can afford to keep the lights on, clients are still doing business and finding someone else to deliver what they need that they once counted on your for.

It might cost you something now, but what if you paid more attention to all of your clients and just listened to their challenges? What if you supported them through this economy ensuring them that you will be there no matter what? This might mean not bringing in your usual revenue. But when things do turn around where will you be when the client needs something. Where will the people be that they know and trust to deliver?

How will you outbehave the competition?

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