Crossroads, again?

How many times have you said to yourself, I’m at a crossroads? Again! I’m there. Again!

Friends tease that I know everyone. I don’t know everyone. For only being in Portland about 12 years, I do know a lot of people.  Just not everyone. But who am I to shatter the image that my kind friends have conjured up for me?

I frequently feel that I am on the cusp of something new and challenging. Since leaving the full-time 50-60 hours a week job in September I have spent an enormous amount of time online. Yes, online. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Seesmic, Delicious…you get the idea.

I’ll protest that what I am is a sales person. But I know that’s what I have done for several years. I like the more introverted approach. Relationship management, client services, business development, marketing and communications all cover what I have done.

I heard the other night something that I have been saying for years. But it does surprise me that I don’t here it that often. In the presentation at Portland’s Social Media Club, Kelly Feller from Intel wrote in her presentation; people have relationships with people not companies. I am not kidding, I have only seen this or heard it a handful of times. Odd, considering that some/most of the work I have done in the last 8 years involves sales.

So here I am up to my armpits in social media. Taking in as much as I can so as to make my past experience relevant to this new industry that is social media.

I have been and will always be in my own mind a Community Manager. An open book to those around me for what is current. What is happening and even where it will be going.  Working to get everyone on the same page and to collaborate.

All of this for me is; listening, think strategically, educate, cultivate the community, be a liaison and add value to the content.

More later … my head is spinning and I’m rambling!

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