It’s Here!!

Qwitter! It’s here, finally I can qwit you and let you know via an Internet bot!

I haven’t used the site yet; because the 1 or 2 that I stopped following probably didn’t even know that I stopped.

I followed Huffington Post for a while. But it seemed that EVERYONE at the Huffington Post was Twittering using the same account. So what it did was create pages and pages of half interesting stuff and half dumb, name-dropping. I hope someone writing for Huffington knows lots of people. But I don’t necessarily need to know that. It’s assumed, right? So I moved to BreakingNews. It’s much more manageable. And it doesn’t come through every half second.

I’m still curious and trying to figure out just which Tweet it was that prompted a few people to follow me? Where’s that app, “@jgx is following you because you tweeted this”. You can kind of guess sometimes. I typed the work baby in a Tweet a while back and some baby store in Kansas City started following me.

I also tweeted to a friend an author recommendation of Sir Ken Robinson. The next day Sir Ken Robinson was following me on Twitter. Now that, I loved!!

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