Here’s Your Sign

There are two ways to head west from my house. I saw this sign this morning.

No Short Cutters. Please.

This is on the corner of the street I have turned left on since moving to this side of town. If I don’t turn on this street I go about 4 blocks further North to turn left to come to where this street ends. I think they are just going to have to put up with me. Didn’t realize you could choose who drives down your street by putting up a sign.

Think I’ll start posting a few signs.

• Use Your Blinker. Signaling is a legal requirement and a courtesy. Please.
• You may turn right if there is no sign to prohibit the turn. Like NO traffic, not there’s room for your car if you hurry. Please.
• If you are going to drive slow on the highway, right lane. Please.
• Put the phone down! Please.
• No Lane Changes next 500ft. DON’T CHANGE LANES! Please.
• Left Lane Closed in 1 mile. Don’t rush into left lane and crowd traffic where the lane is closed. Please.
• Drive like you are NOT the only person on the road. Please.

One more thing.

• PICK A LANE! Please.

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