Mar 18 2014

9:55 very well spent!

Aug 17 2013

Uke Jam

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Apr 3 2013

Sep 6 2012

I wish…

“An honorable enterprise that advances the public interests.” #42

I wish I were perfect so that I could cast stones with ease.

I wish others would think before they cast.

I wish I were smart enough so that I understood tax credits, capital gains, health care, health insurance.

I wish I knew with out reservation who was right and who was wrong, factually.

I wish I were smart enough and had the time to find fact from fiction.

I wish that I were so sure of what I believed was right, but at the same time still cared about those around me.

I wish I understood exactly what created the national debt.

I wish I understood how tax breaks created jobs.

I wish that the difference between us created dialogue and not hate.

I wish that if you didn’t watch this yesterday when I posted it that you will now.

Dare to disagree

I wish that Republican’s and Democrat’s alike, had thinking partners and not echo chambers.

I wish that when you think of our differences, or diverse ideas, that you see those as a positive not a negative.

I wish that you would and will see the good in everyone.

I wish that compassion could be a mandate and that hate wasn’t an emotion.


What do you wish?

Oct 13 2011

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Sep 3 2010


I’d like to write something, but can’t seem to get the words together.


Maybe later…

…okay, its a start.

In my nearly 50 years of life, I have read, experienced and explored many concepts and philosophies of religions. I was raised in a traditional Christian home. For me traditional means right down the middle, neither too much or too little. I for a time in high school, by my own definition, went off the deep end a bit. And became a bit of a zealot passing judgment onto others. Then I woke up. I looked at Judaism, Hinduism, Sufism, A Course In Miracles, Agnosticism, (albeit weak) and Buddhism. Although I have not formerly or officially studied beyond my own exploration, my sensibilities align me somewhere in a Buddhist way of thinking or being. As far as where I am today, a true definition is a bit blurry.

Somewhere along the way I came upon this and copied it down. I sent it to Colette, I believe on the day of her last chemo in August of 2009. She was never afraid of her light. She did not play small. She gave others permission to shine.

“It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel unsure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. As we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~Williamson

You are powerful beyond measure. Your beauty is the light that is your strength. You are gorgeous, talented and fabulous. Your confidence cast’s aside the insecurities of other. You create such joy.

It was such an honor and privilege to call her friend. She and Michael welcomed me into their home, their family and I am forever changed. And forever dedicated to her children as they grow and become living examples of her love, devotion, confidence, talent and brilliance.

Jul 31 2010

NaBloPoMo – Green?

National Blog Posting Month. Different than National Write a Novel Month. This is every month and they give you a theme.

Got the email today. I’m thinking I can’t avoid this month.

A message to all members of NaBloPoMo

Hey, bloggers! The theme for August is GREEN. I hope this will open up some doors for the gardeners, painters, and photographers amongst us, as well as those with other green planetary thoughts to share.

If you’d like to give daily posting a shot this month, you’ll want to be on the blogroll with your compatriots! Click here and follow the instructions at the top of the page. Proclaim your green intentions with an August HTML badge on your sidebar, which you can find here. (Badges for those who completed July are here!)

OK, then! Let’s get started!

Feb 21 2010


Conflict – change – cause – what happens next…

There is always a breeze. Some days it’s true wind, but it’s always there. It’s a reminder that things are, that life is in motion; that my life is in motion. When you look out to the west if you look high enough you only see sky. It’s the only view actually, no need to look any other way. The water is life and is a constant reminder that the motion of life is not in your charge and there are forces that just don’t care. But yet its beauty is breathtaking and to be anywhere else would be a loss and a mystery to me.

The view is great, but it’s not the one described earlier. It’s clear and clean and green. It’s a comforting view because it’s mine. The room is adequate and warm with just the right amount of stuff, books, soft chair, music… I like this space, it would be perfection if it faced water and came with a porch. But it’s good for now. It clips by with out awareness on my part really. I get up and go to work, I come home and it’s all at a certain time. But what to do with the need for my own time or how to get it?

Best or worse, both really are best. Except I suppose when you can’t see the water because of the weather of clouds or fog. But still you can hear it, you can sense that it is there and of course you know that it is there because it’s the one thing you can count on. You can smell it and feel it. The best day it is clear and blue and crisp. The worst day just requires a coat, a warm drink and the imagination to see what was there the day before.

I can’t even imagine icky. But I think or anticipate the arrival of friends. Something is cooking in the kitchen and the smell is behind me. The birds are talking and there is the occasional motor sound from a truck or car. Breath is intentional and has purpose. It is clear and keeps time a rhythm of peace and ease. Sometimes breathing takes on the movement of the waves and my eyes are gently closed listening to my surroundings. A neighbor walks or drives by and waves.


It would be the first full weekend that the house was ready for everything and everyone. Everyone had been there off and on for several weeks helping with the paint, unloading the boxes. But this weekend, this week actually will be the first official week at the beach for everyone. No work, just fun and play. I had always imagined this, but hadn’t actually imagined enough space for everyone to come at once. Five bedrooms on the beach. Well one was the attic that covered the length of the house and would be perfect for all the kids to throw sleeping bags or even throw up small tents. Or they could even put them in the back yard.

Dec 21 2009

Last time I was unemployed I went to Truthout everyday. That was 2003.

Blog ideas were running through my head this morning and I was headed in a particular direction. Is Twitter a tool for shameless creepy self-promotion? For a few, I say yes. I signed into Twitter, March 30, 2008. At the time I will admit, that I didn’t exactly get it or know what it was, or if I would even use it. Therefore the Twitter handle @jgx. Turns out with the 140-character limit the short handle is perfect.

I don’t follow a lot of people. And I don’t have a lot of follower’s. Which is fine with me. For me it’s not a popularity contest. I don’t need to be popular. In September of 2008 when I really started using Twitter, the race was on. People where nuts!! Falling all over each other to get followers AT all costs. And they took it personally if you didn’t follow them. In some cases (one in particular for me) take great offense to unfollow. I got a curt little note sent to me in facebook after the unfollow. Well I had unfollowed them so how else where they to verbally beat me up one last time?

My opinion, for some Twitter is all about self-promotion. In some cases annoyingly so. For some it has become a tool to help those in need. For some, it is the selfless desire to do something for the greater good. I’m talking about Thirty Hour Day. (previous post)

So I was thinking about what makes people do things like this? What was it that just a few weeks three people decided to have a 30 hour live podcast to raise money for local charity. No really! Just a few weeks ago!

This goodness should be collected and put in a shot and a required immunization.

And a friend from high school on facebook post’s a link to a great article on TruthOut, Bringing the World Out of Denial: The Power of Passion, The Fallacy of Fear. It says what I wanted to say.

The entire article is linked to the title, but I pulled a few paragraphs here.

“In my opinion, there is only one force that can erase this self-protecting, laissez faire attitude towards critical global challenges, or any critical change for that matter: the energy of unbridled passion. This creative force is so powerful that it evaporates fear from the deepest level of the human spirit and can literally change the world.”

“Every one of us is born with this need. This can result in human efficiencies beyond 90 percent. Have you ever engaged in an activity so inspiring that you lost track of time and your desire for food, water or sleep?”

“How do we instill such passion? I think there are three components that must be present. First, and foremost, the challenge must appeal to a person’s need to help the “greater good.”

“People must perceive and believe deep down that they are part of a team that will change the world for the better. That is the magic.”

Creative and innovative people no longer work well under autocratic command and control. That world is gone forever. At this critical juncture, we desperately need a few courageous leaders stimulating people around the planet with the passion necessary to create a safer, more rewarding future for all.”


Dec 17 2009

She lived on the third floor of a small complex. Acoustically it was at the right height so that everything that happened on the sidewalk sounded like it happened right outside her window.

The northwest part of Portland is dense and people live on top of each other. There is no parking so if you own a car you circle and circle to find a place close to your house but usually end up blocks away. One car had a bumper sticker. It said, “Visualize Parking”. She didn’t have a car so it didn’t matter. The neighborhood had all she needed, a car wasn’t necessary.

She wasn’t sure if it was people who didn’t have cars or people who just bought too many groceries. But you would see shopping carts randomly parked around the neighborhood. Sometimes they would be there for days. There were two groceries with in five blocks she just made several trips a week and rarely shopped using a cart. She never bought more than she could carry, what could fit in a basket. A redish orange truck would drive the neighborhood each day, collect the shopping carts and take them back to the store where they belonged.

Then one day she started really thinking about those carts. She thought if she had a camera she would make a video about these abandon carts. Think about it. You are a brand new cart, you just came off of the assembly line were loaded on a truck to be taken to your grocery store.

Your wheels are straight, your cage is shiny there isn’t a nick or scratch anywhere. You are nestled inside another and one is nestled resting gently inside you. You get to the store you are unloaded from the truck and carefully lined up just inside the door. The lights go out and it’s dark. All of the carts are there, waiting in anticipation of the next morning when the doors are unlocked and customers start coming in.

But the unthinkable happens. The new cart gets his chance. He feels the warm hands on the handle. His wheels are smooth and silent. And as she pushes him he understands what his purpose is as the light shines on his shiny new frame. Isle after isle more and more gets put into the cart. He can feel the cold go to warm as they leave the produce section. Then colder as they enter the frozen isle, that actually feels good. He breezes through the isles and proudly carries fresh vegetables, fresh loaves of bread, toothpaste, soaps, it all fits perfectly.

At check out he wonders if the shopper even noticed that he was new or if the checker knows? They have to, he is so shiny. The shopper unloads the cart, pushes it forward and the cart waits to be reloaded. The checker is very neat, so the bags are fit in perfectly and sit snuggly next to each other. Now his first trip outside to the parking lot! Will they leave him in the cart bin outside or bring him back inside? Oh it’s a nice day he hopes that they leave him outside, the sun feels good. What kind of car does she have? What color? Where is it?

Then it happens. She doesn’t go to the parking lot. Ok, she is parked on the street. Is it this car? This car? This one? She keeps walking. Where is she going? She is getting further and further away from the store. Then she turned the corner! He couldn’t see the store any more. Where is she taking him? He started to panic. How would he do his job and be there for the next person if he is so far away?

He heard some rumbling the night before among some of the other carts but he didn’t pay any attention. He figured it was an old cart. How crazy to think that someone would take a cart to there house so far away from the store. Then he remembered someone saying something about a redish orange truck. He had to keep an eye open for that truck. Where was it? Oh no! Another corner and further away from the store, he had to be brave. Things looked nice so it must be a nice place. Where was he going?

Several blocks have gone by. It’s getting dark. There are a few people on the street, but it’s pretty quiet actually. Then she slows down. There is a street lamp and the light is shining down on him. He feels it bouncing off his shiny new frame. One by one she takes the bags out of the cart and into the building. There is one last bag in the cart. This should be it. She will take the bag come back and push him back home so that he can continue to serve the customers. She takes the last bag and walks inside. He waits. And waits.

He doesn’t really have a concept of time. He is a shopping cart after all. But he is thinking that she is taking longer than needed. Even allowing for time to put frozen things in a freezer and other goods in the fridge, she should be out again. And it’s getting darker and darker. How could this have happened to him? His first run and now he is stranded and has no idea how to get back?

Wait! The redish orange truck he heard them talking about last night! It had to come soon. Was he going to be visible to the driver? How did he make sure that he was picked up in that truck and taken back to the store? He looked all around as best he could. But there was no traffic. Now it was really late and very dark. She had forgotten him.

It would be a very long night. There was some foot traffic, but no trucks. Two boys walked by and threw their empty coffee cups in the cart. He wasn’t a trash can, but now he had trash. He hoped that was all that he had to take on until that redish orange truck found him. He didn’t mind just staying in one place. That was part of his job. He was too far away and felt useless.

Now if she just had a camera she could take it to Freddies and attach it to a cart, fill it up, push it home and leave it out front of her apartment. She wondered if her neighbor downstairs would let her put a camera in their window to shoot over the night for time lapse? But like many other things it was just a thought. She would tell the story a few times to friends but never produced the video. It seems a bit traumatic maybe. But really it is comical. It’s A shopping cart after all!

The redish orange truck did make its way to that street and picked up the cart and took him back to the store. The cart was a little wiser and a bit more prepared for the next time someone took him home instead of leaving him. But he hoped not!