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the fun, the memories, the outrage, anger and self-righteous indignation(admittedly a judgement).

I read peoples status updates, read what they share that they feel passionate or outraged about, occasionally I comment. I have stopped.

Today’s version of truth, post truth and alternate facts have created a lose, lose environment. Now I comment privately to myself by writing in The iPhone app Notes.  Or an email and save it as a draft.  I have over 500 some of all of that. Maybe from time to time when I’ve had the time to collect my thoughts, let them rest a bit, I will do this and share.

I will not comment, because I don’t feel like I have enough information to comment. I will not share potentially controversial topics because I don’t have the ability to be certain of truth or accuracy in facts. And it is my truth that you all are adults and you don’t need me pushing my side of truth as some form of education for you. You don’t need it, I don’t need it. Of late many of the posts or shares I see, I feel are reactionary and only simply support one small idea of the sharer or the topic. I don’t need or want to perpetuate any part of what I have seen.

Our world is huge.  Our information overload is ginormous.  Our ability to get real, tangible information, real, solid, factual information about anything is nil.  Yet many of us take one morsel and call it gospel, call it truth.  Maybe it is? I often find that with a quick “google” search, information to the contrary or in opposition is ready in seconds.  So what does that say? And from experience it proves nothing to the sharer, they stand their ground. They have their truth, even if it is flawed. Often not a truth but an altered version to support an agenda that creates difference. No one person has or holds the truth.

I wrote something a couple nights ago in response to a couple posts that I saw. I will share that. But first, a co-worker sent me this article early in the week. I finally read it;

What struck me was this; “In reality society is far too quick to judge others for their lives, and what they have ever done, and this is a fundamental flaw in today’s way of living.” None of us can walk in all shoes…ever.

So here it is. As I wrote the other night, should I comment? Should I post or just leave in Nites? Some may know and recognize it, some may not. 

Yes. We all need to slow down. Be responsible and or accountable for the emotional wake we may create. There is a lot of heart and intellectual emotion out there today. It feels we are trending toward what our brain says.

Today’s world is too big. So big that we can’t know the true experience of another or an effect of an experience on another. We are, or should be past generalizations having any value or purpose. But they seem to be where many go. They serve no purpose for any one, right along with assumptions and labels. I may be this or that, but unless you and I have had a conversation you will not know my true convictions on anything.

Unfortunately our thoughts our feelings our experiences can be or represent an unfortunate demeaning, disenfranchising experience for another. Of course we should be able to have those thoughts feelings or experiences. But we can’t expect another not in our shoes (or us in theirs) to understand, accept or even empathize with the result of our action or our words. Or be surprised by another’s reaction.

Every issue we face today has layers and layers of complications that have never before seen the light of day. Daily new layers present. Layers that some of us will never know about or ever experience. What each of us knows about anything is infinitesimal to the true depths of what is real. Of what is truth.

I saw an interesting quote the other day. “The mouth should have three gatekeepers. Is it true, is it kind and is it necessary”. Of course I am fully aware the necessary will vary from person to person. But I’d like to think that kind is universal.

So, slow down. Think, how might this be received? Stop. Think. Should I channel my anger, outrage, belief or even joy differently? Elsewhere? Can I create a positive difference rather than a potential negative wake of emotion?

I think some decisions, some thoughts are best made with the heart. Not the brain. Some maybe even just kept. I see and feel a lot of brain reaction and thoughts of late. I think that some feelings, some thoughts or decisions should not be made intellectually, but with the heart. A very warm heart. #openness

that social media place

UPDATE! Multnomah County Social Media Coordinator postion

As Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler announced on Twitter yesterday, he has decided to suspend his search for a Chair’s Office Communications Director/Multnomah County Social Media Coordinator at this time.

I want you to know that we appreciate your interest in working for the Multnomah County Chair’s Office. We hope you will watch for future career opportunities with us.

~ I’ll write more later ~

that social media place

Social Media Coordinator

Read my newest post at, in response to the new position that Multnomah County posted last week.

that social media place

thinking about a show

A few years back I started something called Breakfast for Five. Ok, so not an original idea. Jon Favreau had Dinner for Five on the Independent Film Channel.

The dot com bomb dust was about to settle and I thought this could be a very informal way for 4 principals from the creative industry in the Portland market to get together and share stories, no agenda.

My partner in crime at the time, Colette put together a great invitation that we hand delivered buzz. We had 4 or 5 I believe, then we got jobs and ran out of time and money. But we did start a small buzz. I’ve been thinking about doing this again.

Another friend and I, Melissa, while unemployed for the last several months have been hanging out in a coffee shop at South Water Front. We call it “the office”.

While setting in the office a while back I asked the owner if I could have a breakfast there the first Friday of every month. He said, “of course!” He loves that we hang out there.

Last week I was watching Leo on Ustream at “the office”. I said to Melissa, “hey we can have a show too!” Right then I created a show, “Chatter at Rilassi”. This will be the new venue for Breakfast for Five.

It may take a bit to get all the details worked out. But I’m working on it.

Stay tuned!

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4 C’s

Once again unemployment is high. What do you do?

For the last 15 years or so I have been listening to people talk about their future. I have to admit that going to school to study photography, film and television; I really thought that I would be listening to people talking and pitching film ideas. Best-laid plans right?

First and foremost, you have to network. It is a bit easier today with all the social media outlets. Facebook has groups, as does LinkedIn and Twitter allow you to follow companies and people at those companies to gain insight into their environment.

I’ve never been good in a crowd. Mingle isn’t my thing. But what I can do is talk to a group about being prepared for that future. The mindset to prepare hasn’t changed so much but the tools and resources available sure have. Where to start?

First, take a breath, relax and put together a plan. Make a list of everyone you know. EVERYONE! I say try to get to 50. In a workshop a couple months ago on this suggestion one woman said, “hey I still have the address list together from my wedding!” EVERYONE. Then contact each and every one of those individuals telling them you are looking for work and what you are looking for. Check them off as you go through the list. And determine whom you will follow up with and at what intervals. I’ve said this for years, you just never know. You just don’t know where your next lead will come from. I heard someone say, be careful of the feet you step on today they may be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

Work on a financial road map. Get clear what you can and are willing to do and do without. Target specific companies and make sure you take full advantage of that thing, that place that is Social Media.

I’ve watched people for years apply to jobs with no real consideration of the company that they are potentially going to work for. Again, a bit easier today with the Internet, Facebook, LinkedIn and that Twitter. There is no reason in the world today for someone to take a job at a company that they don’t know everything about.

Using Social Media to enhance your job search comes with specific obligations and responsibility. I’m going to pull some numbers out of my hat. If you read 5 articles about Social Media, I bet that 2 of them will talk about brand. Yes you and I need to think about the image that we paint in the public social space.

I read a great article today by Carrie Wilkerson the @Barefoot_Exec, what she says about your social network and how she draws traffic. It’s the four C’s, character, conversation, content and consistency. You should also apply this to your job search. I think it will keep you from heading down the wrong path.

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