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What if we tried?

I don’t believe that my neighbor, Dad, Uncle, Brother or any American has any need for a semi-automatic assault rifle.  That type of weapon is for the military.  I don’t want to take your damn gun away.  I’m not even going to try to pry it out of your cold dead hands.  But I ask.  Do we really need machines that can shoot hundreds of bullets and be able to buy thousands of round of ammunition unchecked?

Senator Chuck Shumer said it Sunday morning no amendment is absolute.  A friend commented on a Facebook post weeks ago, “there are no absolutes”.  It seems that from the Bible on we individually interpret words to meet or match what we want, or to create absolutes. If we are to take words and use them for laws and legislation for the entire county to abide by, what if we try to interpret words in an effort to save lives?  Or interpret words that support more than our own personal needs, wants or agendas.  Words and ideas that support the needs of an ever changing world and society.  Not just with some control on what kind of gun or how much ammunition one can get, but how we collectively treat or speak to each other about our differences.  They are only going to grow.

I do believe that we have to try something.  To not is to fail everything we are, everything we have or hope to be.

If you must have a gun, lock it, lock it and lock it UP!  Especially if you have children that require extra attention and care.  In that case, maybe having a gun in the house isn’t a good idea and it should be stored elsewhere.  At least so you know or until you are sure it won’t be turned against you or very innocent undeserving men, women and children.

I don’t believe that we need God in the schools for us to be the good descent caring human beings. We are stronger and better than that.  Be accountable at home; take care of your own house. We have to be responsible for our families and ourselves in terms of goodness, spirituality and religion.  That responsibility lies nowhere else.

I read a lot.  I read a lot of opinions.  And I read the comments, probably a mistake.  Some make me cry, some make me sick and some just PISS me off.  But mostly the level of hate that we humans throw at each other, at people we don’t even know.  What people save and pull from the past in terms of the negative truly surprises me.  Like some how what someone did or said months or years ago is still true today.  To take something out of context is just wrong and deceitful.  And serves no one. 

This world that I am living in and navigating this lifetime, shifts and changes as quickly as the seconds tick away.  So to hold true or as truth something that was said or done in the past is only done in an effort to oppress and keep us in the past.  Leaving no effort to move forward. 

I’m only one person and I’m not in a position to make changes, nor should I be.  But I can speak for what I hope in a calmer, more peaceful, gentler world.

What if we tried to be better and consider this ever changing world we live in and the people that share it with us?

don't speak...don't speak!

Some Control?

There is a 2nd Amendment, yes. All the other amendments are read and viewed expensively and not through …(the site of a gun) … No amendment is absolute.

1st amendment, you can’t scream “fire” in a crowded movie theater. There are limits on liable and pornography.

Is there a middle? At least maybe an attempt to see if a change could help? A ban or limit on assault weapons and limit the size of the clip. Isn’t there something, anything we can do to try to limit access to those with mental issues?

BTW – This is only part of the conversation that needs to happen. But no Republican was available for this conversation this morning on Face the Nation.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y, Face the Nation

don't speak...don't speak!

On your way take others with you, don’t trample them.

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H. Jackson Brown Jr. said, “Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you.” 

I think of my Mom and Dad everyday in terms of this and hope to live up to the standard of fairness and integrity that they live every day.   By example, they taught me to think for myself, be fair, be kind, before it was even a thing to conserve, keep an open mind and question everything.   And that no thing you can have or achieve is worthwhile at the detriment of any other being.  

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