don't speak...don't speak!

Nothing is Forever

I’ve been thinking lately, for a long while actually, that nothing is forever. I think and believe that compassion should be forever.

“Hatred brings more hatred, and violence only brings more violence. What we must do is stop this cycle here and now by transforming anger and hatred into compassion.”

Hatred for me is a pretty big word. It feels a certain way. The word hatred carries a pretty intense extreme feeling. But hatred has many levels. From the simple discomfort that fear brings to someone when something or someone is different from them or changes. To the extreme that results in physical violence to another. It’s something that causes an action of oppression of another at any level. Any level.

Hatred is real and shouldn’t be dismissed. But should be carefully checked, worked through and never acted on. Other’s hatred blinds us and our own hatred blinds us as well.

“The real enemy is their anger, our anger, their hatred, our hatred, their violence, our violence.”

Nothing is forever, but compassion should be.

Be descent. To everyone. Stop, take a breath and think before you speak or act.

Quotes are from, The Real Enemy, part of Tricycle’s Winter 2001 special section, “September 11: Practice and Perspectives. Other articles in the series can be found here.