Most days, everyday actually, my heart aches. And I ask, what do I do about that?

Somewhere along the way, in my opinion, things have become askew. The health and welfare of those around us are lost in mean spirited, self-serving conversation.

I’ve been interviewing for jobs lately. And I find myself saying, I’m a stickler for accountability. But I know in my heart, in my brain that most people are not and won’t be accountable for their actions or words. That they will tout it is a personal responsibility for people to not act violently or act out in anyway because of something they said. Pointing their finger, they did it I didn’t do it.

Words and actions have consequences whether we like it or not. If you have ever been influenced by someone, good or bad. You then have to understand that your actions, your words can and will be used in some manner to justify someone else’s actions.

Some one sells a box of ammunition to someone. They plug it into a semi automatic gun take it to a grocery store and spay 15 or 33 bullets into a crowd. Who is responsible?

I don’t think guns should be so easily obtainable. I think they should be sold at a police station. And if they are going to be sold, do we really need semi-automatic guns that shoot’s 100’s of bullets at the single pull of a trigger?

And I certainly question a place selling bullets, but not birth control. But then there’s that pro-life/pro-birth conversation. If people truly believed in “pro-life” then they would do something to improve the resources to help care for the child after birth instead of letting them, go hungry and with out health care. That’s not pro-life! If life starts in the womb, then it certainly shouldn’t stop at birth.

If guns are for sport, then the sport should be to have to be a good shot and not be able to just spray the fucking land and by chance hit something. How about a bow and arrow? How about a shot gun that you have to reload after one shot.

What is the purpose and need for a semi-automatic weapon?

I have 4 small children in my life. They aren’t biologically mine in any way. But I am enough part of their life that I am more than worried about their future.

At 3 & 4 we worry now that they watch to much TV. Or that they don’t eat the right foods. Or that they don’t understand consequences and that their actions are of no consequence.

In 10 or 15 years will we be worried that they are carrying the right gun to school with them so that they won’t be teased because it’s too small or too old. Will we have to worry that they can do anything they want to anyone because there are no consequences to anyone’s actions. That we live in a world were we no longer value each other, the value of life and the value of community.

I used to be able to say, “boy am I glad I don’t have kids.” Well I can’t really say that anymore, but what am I to say or do to make a difference?

It overwhelms me like when I think about the stars and space and what is out there. I have to shake myself back to reality. But I don’t think I like very much the reality that is around the corner.

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