creative rant


Day seven came and went and … no post. Yesterday was a long day! And Portland had a rare record. Coldest day in ten years. It was between 24 and 28 degree’s all day.

Now I do not like the cold. Many of you reading most likely know that. If you are new here, I DON’T LIKE COLD! Portland was a great relief from Kansas City. But 28? Oh, San Diego!

So yesterday was a long day. It started when I left the house at about 6:50am to meet Dr. Tom for coffee to talk at 7:45. Oh, here’s another one. I DON’T LIKE MORNING! But coffee with Dr. Tom even at 7:45am, not such a bad thing. Then I was off to PSU for the Internet Marketing Conference.

My first cold day out in it waiting for a bus. Y-ouch! The wind was biting and fierce. Now that I don’t have a car again I’m back to using public transportation. It’s pretty good here. Except when it’s cold. I’m still glad I sold my car. Yesterday didn’t make me want to have it back. It did make me want to be elsewhere … San Diego!

I don’t know if that’s why I didn’t post yesterday. Lazy mostly. Got home about 8pm, ate and warmed up. Love that radiant water heat that I don’t pay for!

The sun is out today, but it’s not really working? It’s 32 today and I have NO where to go!

If I post twice today does that count?

creative rant

How do you take enough of the passive out of passive aggressive to capture or move to action beyond the conversation?

Excellent question. Is there an answer?

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thinking about a show

A few years back I started something called Breakfast for Five. Ok, so not an original idea. Jon Favreau had Dinner for Five on the Independent Film Channel.

The dot com bomb dust was about to settle and I thought this could be a very informal way for 4 principals from the creative industry in the Portland market to get together and share stories, no agenda.

My partner in crime at the time, Colette put together a great invitation that we hand delivered buzz. We had 4 or 5 I believe, then we got jobs and ran out of time and money. But we did start a small buzz. I’ve been thinking about doing this again.

Another friend and I, Melissa, while unemployed for the last several months have been hanging out in a coffee shop at South Water Front. We call it “the office”.

While setting in the office a while back I asked the owner if I could have a breakfast there the first Friday of every month. He said, “of course!” He loves that we hang out there.

Last week I was watching Leo on Ustream at “the office”. I said to Melissa, “hey we can have a show too!” Right then I created a show, “Chatter at Rilassi”. This will be the new venue for Breakfast for Five.

It may take a bit to get all the details worked out. But I’m working on it.

Stay tuned!