Apr 3 2009

25 good steps…

I will admit that my ideas about recruiting are different than some recruiter’s.  (At least in my own little world.)  As a recruiter applying for different opportunities … well I’ll just say more times than not I question the profession.

There are very good recruiter’s, good one and bad ones.   Everything moves at almost lightening speed these days, staying current isn’t the easiest thing to do. And not every company adequately staff’s the staffing department. Big or small, whether you like it or not your recruiter’s reflect your company.  If not the first then it’s the second contact people have with an organization.  And we all know about first impressions.

I’ve never claimed to be an expert on anything.  I don’t know anything really.  But I know that I have to read, research, talk to and engage with many people and step outside of that box and sometimes talk to people who don’t have the experience I need at the moment because they may know the person or be the next person I need to hire.

I fell into recruiting by accident.  Now I’m trying to step out of it, sort of? Or at least approach it differently so that I might lead me down a different path.

I’m calling myself a Social Media Recruiter right now when necessary.  But it is more than that, it’s Practitioner, Coordinator and maybe even student.

This great blog 25 Steps to Choosing a Social Media Consultant, is right on, on SO many levels!

Apr 1 2009

4 C’s

Once again unemployment is high. What do you do?

For the last 15 years or so I have been listening to people talk about their future. I have to admit that going to school to study photography, film and television; I really thought that I would be listening to people talking and pitching film ideas. Best-laid plans right?

First and foremost, you have to network. It is a bit easier today with all the social media outlets. Facebook has groups, as does LinkedIn and Twitter allow you to follow companies and people at those companies to gain insight into their environment.

I’ve never been good in a crowd. Mingle isn’t my thing. But what I can do is talk to a group about being prepared for that future. The mindset to prepare hasn’t changed so much but the tools and resources available sure have. Where to start?

First, take a breath, relax and put together a plan. Make a list of everyone you know. EVERYONE! I say try to get to 50. In a workshop a couple months ago on this suggestion one woman said, “hey I still have the address list together from my wedding!” EVERYONE. Then contact each and every one of those individuals telling them you are looking for work and what you are looking for. Check them off as you go through the list. And determine whom you will follow up with and at what intervals. I’ve said this for years, you just never know. You just don’t know where your next lead will come from. I heard someone say, be careful of the feet you step on today they may be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

Work on a financial road map. Get clear what you can and are willing to do and do without. Target specific companies and make sure you take full advantage of that thing, that place that is Social Media.

I’ve watched people for years apply to jobs with no real consideration of the company that they are potentially going to work for. Again, a bit easier today with the Internet, Facebook, LinkedIn and that Twitter. There is no reason in the world today for someone to take a job at a company that they don’t know everything about.

Using Social Media to enhance your job search comes with specific obligations and responsibility. I’m going to pull some numbers out of my hat. If you read 5 articles about Social Media, I bet that 2 of them will talk about brand. Yes you and I need to think about the image that we paint in the public social space.

I read a great article today by Carrie Wilkerson the @Barefoot_Exec, what she says about your social network and how she draws traffic. It’s the four C’s, character, conversation, content and consistency. You should also apply this to your job search. I think it will keep you from heading down the wrong path.

Mar 31 2009

It’s Here!!

Qwitter! It’s here, finally I can qwit you and let you know via an Internet bot!

I haven’t used the site yet; because the 1 or 2 that I stopped following probably didn’t even know that I stopped.

I followed Huffington Post for a while. But it seemed that EVERYONE at the Huffington Post was Twittering using the same account. So what it did was create pages and pages of half interesting stuff and half dumb, name-dropping. I hope someone writing for Huffington knows lots of people. But I don’t necessarily need to know that. It’s assumed, right? So I moved to BreakingNews. It’s much more manageable. And it doesn’t come through every half second.

I’m still curious and trying to figure out just which Tweet it was that prompted a few people to follow me? Where’s that app, “@jgx is following you because you tweeted this”. You can kind of guess sometimes. I typed the work baby in a Tweet a while back and some baby store in Kansas City started following me.

I also tweeted to a friend an author recommendation of Sir Ken Robinson. The next day Sir Ken Robinson was following me on Twitter. Now that, I loved!!

Mar 27 2009


I’ve been reading more today about the “Community Manager”. Companies big and small are going to have to get on board with this now or, as John Malkovich so skillfully stated in Dangerous Liaisons, “it’s beyond my control”. Don’t let the Social Media trend get beyond your control!

Even the big blue Intel is on board. And have generously posted their internal guidelines for all to see and use. This, in my opinion, is the way of social media. What ever started it, that open source thing or something else? People are sharing information as fast as the Internet will deliver it. My 70 some year old Mom even last week called email snail mail when I told her I knew about news in my home town before her.

As I wrote yesterday, I am at a crossroads, not really. When I read all the blogs about the hiring of new Community Manger’s, minus Twittering about work in the work place I am and have been a Community Manager.

Communication will get you everywhere. A couple years back, I stepped into a new role that crossed, if you will, party lines. When I wasn’t trying to keep up with the likes of that “whack-a-mole” game like they have in arcades, I was Switzerland. Some days I wasn’t a very good Switzerland.

I don’t think that this is too much of a stretch, but I always try to figure out how to get along. So to have people fighting and invalidating each other for no reason other than, “I just don’t like them” is absolutely ridiculous.

So, in this new role I was on the proverbial fence. A wasn’t talking to B and B just didn’t like A. Although A & B are part of the same organization management styles in some cases were diametrically apposed. Now that is a scenario that can be workable. If the parties on either side are willing to try.

But you have to get them talking! You have to in this case start communicating for them so that they see each other as a support system and not a pebble in their shoe. They quickly adopted tools to enhance communication and started sharing information and resources. Which started to make a day a little easier.

I’m proud of the dialogue that I opened up and started. It created an understanding that everyone could be on the same team and have different styles. It wasn’t all perfect, but was okay. Management came and went and for the most part where on board with the collaborative effort. And I am very proud of the relationships that I left there with.

I managed two communities through online tools and open dialogue. I am a community manager who now has the world at my finger tips through this thing called Social Media.

Mar 25 2009

Crossroads, again?

How many times have you said to yourself, I’m at a crossroads? Again! I’m there. Again!

Friends tease that I know everyone. I don’t know everyone. For only being in Portland about 12 years, I do know a lot of people.  Just not everyone. But who am I to shatter the image that my kind friends have conjured up for me?

I frequently feel that I am on the cusp of something new and challenging. Since leaving the full-time 50-60 hours a week job in September I have spent an enormous amount of time online. Yes, online. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Seesmic, Delicious…you get the idea.

I’ll protest that what I am is a sales person. But I know that’s what I have done for several years. I like the more introverted approach. Relationship management, client services, business development, marketing and communications all cover what I have done.

I heard the other night something that I have been saying for years. But it does surprise me that I don’t here it that often. In the presentation at Portland’s Social Media Club, Kelly Feller from Intel wrote in her presentation; people have relationships with people not companies. I am not kidding, I have only seen this or heard it a handful of times. Odd, considering that some/most of the work I have done in the last 8 years involves sales.

So here I am up to my armpits in social media. Taking in as much as I can so as to make my past experience relevant to this new industry that is social media.

I have been and will always be in my own mind a Community Manager. An open book to those around me for what is current. What is happening and even where it will be going.  Working to get everyone on the same page and to collaborate.

All of this for me is; listening, think strategically, educate, cultivate the community, be a liaison and add value to the content.

More later … my head is spinning and I’m rambling!