Feb 21 2010


Conflict – change – cause – what happens next…

There is always a breeze. Some days it’s true wind, but it’s always there. It’s a reminder that things are, that life is in motion; that my life is in motion. When you look out to the west if you look high enough you only see sky. It’s the only view actually, no need to look any other way. The water is life and is a constant reminder that the motion of life is not in your charge and there are forces that just don’t care. But yet its beauty is breathtaking and to be anywhere else would be a loss and a mystery to me.

The view is great, but it’s not the one described earlier. It’s clear and clean and green. It’s a comforting view because it’s mine. The room is adequate and warm with just the right amount of stuff, books, soft chair, music… I like this space, it would be perfection if it faced water and came with a porch. But it’s good for now. It clips by with out awareness on my part really. I get up and go to work, I come home and it’s all at a certain time. But what to do with the need for my own time or how to get it?

Best or worse, both really are best. Except I suppose when you can’t see the water because of the weather of clouds or fog. But still you can hear it, you can sense that it is there and of course you know that it is there because it’s the one thing you can count on. You can smell it and feel it. The best day it is clear and blue and crisp. The worst day just requires a coat, a warm drink and the imagination to see what was there the day before.

I can’t even imagine icky. But I think or anticipate the arrival of friends. Something is cooking in the kitchen and the smell is behind me. The birds are talking and there is the occasional motor sound from a truck or car. Breath is intentional and has purpose. It is clear and keeps time a rhythm of peace and ease. Sometimes breathing takes on the movement of the waves and my eyes are gently closed listening to my surroundings. A neighbor walks or drives by and waves.


It would be the first full weekend that the house was ready for everything and everyone. Everyone had been there off and on for several weeks helping with the paint, unloading the boxes. But this weekend, this week actually will be the first official week at the beach for everyone. No work, just fun and play. I had always imagined this, but hadn’t actually imagined enough space for everyone to come at once. Five bedrooms on the beach. Well one was the attic that covered the length of the house and would be perfect for all the kids to throw sleeping bags or even throw up small tents. Or they could even put them in the back yard.

Jul 28 2009


So I’m going through boxes, closets and drawers to purge the unwanted, unused and ignored. As I do this I am, as suspected, running across things that I new were there, just didn’t know exactly were.

Like the very, very short story of Mowana-Winky. It’s on hotel paper from the Inn of Chicago. I don’t remember the conference, but know I was there. It was back in 1993 or 1994, cross my heart! Somewhere around there, anyway. And if some of you reading this, read my blog regularly. You will see a pattern or theme that runs through my life.

Maybe this will be this year’s National Novel Writing Month project.

Mowana-Winky lived in the jungle, with not a care in the world. Life was very simple. Nothing controlled Mowana-Winky. A day would begin with a stretch. Since no real duties go with the days events, hunger is the only guideline to action. Unless of course… it’s raining. The rain cleans and refreshes. Mowana-Winky liked rain. It was assurance that things were normal. And, time to laze away. The one aspect of Mowana-Winky’s life that was of the utmost importance was – the ocean. Being in the water calmed and put Mawana-Winky at ease. Water is a life force, a source of all potential. What was it about the water that drew Mowana-Winky? Something deep in the soul, in the unconscious. A mystery but a comfort.

Jul 1 2009

Knod who?

Several years ago in my crazy head popped, Knod Knowingly and the Land of Neverbodies. Yeah, that was it. What am I going to do with that? Like everything else, sit on it for several years and talk about writing the story of Knod Knowingly.

Last November a couple of friends signed up for National Write a Novel Month. You attempt to write a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days. I was unemployed, had TONS of time, when would be a better time? Well as confessed to in an earlier post on my blog, I was about 40,000 words short. But it was further than I’ve ever gotten before. And about 5,000 more words that my two friends who said yeah, join us it will be great! We can get together and have writing nights! (insert cricket sound here) I love ya anyway!!

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t stick to the plan of 1,666 words a day. But I think that I have, as one friend said, a good framework for the story.

And on the Science Channel this week I heard something that may have given me the extra element that I was looking for. Only it isn’t going to be what you might think as you read through the some excerpts to set the scene. I’m hoping with this post that I can get back on track with this new information and hit that 50,000 words before this November (sooner I hope), so that I can start fresh this year.

“Knod Knowingly was the first grandchild of his Father’s parents. This afforded him some luxuries that later in life he would think weren’t worth their emotional weight.

Knod was born on the 27th day of November 1900, in the smallest of the three hospitals near the coast. He was named after his Uncle Knute who had narcolepsy. Knod’s family lived life a bit on the whimsical side. In the 1788 (give or take) when his ancestor’s boarded a small boat with about a100 other’s for the United States, their excitement about the possibilities were in check. They were realistic to what their fate might be. Sameness in a new land or true position and purpose in a place they make their own. On their way to the United States in the boat they were on got just a bit off course. They found themselves, as the sun rose one morning heading right for what looked like a small island. It came into view in time to stop before there was any damage to the boat, but not soon enough to stop if from grounding.”

When I decided to have the Knowingly’s be on an island I went to Google in search of just that. The idea is that Knod’s Great-great-grandparents, with several other families board a boat for America in the late 1700’s to early 1800’s. A storm throws them off course and the boat is grounded on an island. It’s not the “perfect storm”, just one bad enough to throw them off course in the night.

Google maps, Ireland then zoom out. See those dots near the bottom toward the right side of the box? Just west of Portugal. Flores Island. What they soon realized was that they could build shelter and homes faster than getting the boat sea worthy again.


The Island of Flores was discovered in 1450 by Diogo de Teive and his son Joao de Teive. But since this is my story, this group of people discovered it by accident and grounding. They scoured the island while hoping for rescue and found no human live. A few of the men after their expedition around the small island to look for life or help, they returned to the site of the wreck to begin repair on the boat. It was a beautiful island so repairing the boat was a slow process. Not just because it was beautiful sunny and tropical. In order to repair the boat, tree’s and to be cut and planed, etc. And this took time. It was decided since they were the first and no body had ever lived here they named the island Neverbody.

What they didn’t know, because it was deep in the heart of the island, that there was human life.

Now this, for me is a recent development because of that Science Channel show. On the isle of Flores The Mystery of the Human Hobbit, It was the most striking scientific discovery of last year. An entirely new species of mini-human found on an island in Indonesia. Is the hobbit a new species that transforms our view of evolution, or is it simply a very small, modern human being?

Yeah, no I’m not trying to channel Tolkien. Maybe I should read Tolkien so that I don’t cross hairs, mix stories or mythology? I did see some of the movie. So I am most certainly doomed to some similarities. All the more reason to read Tolkien so I can be ever so careful to stay away from it! Damn!

The idea of hobbits is very appealing in a weird way. Not for what they represent, but for another layer in the story. What is driving me is the relationship that Knod has with his family, in particular his Great-Grandmother and how he continues to question and explore, but never really find answers.

I had some friends read it back in December. Thank you! I don’t think they were just being nice? So it gave me a boost to continue. But how…? I don’t know if I add more to the middle or keep going moving forward? Well I guess I have that hobbit think now that can sort of fill in the middle? I certainly have more time to write now that I’m not a slave to Twitter and Facebook! Crazy things!! 139 hours and counting. I might login tomorrow and see what’s up. It’s been a week.

Here’s another excerpt to share.
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