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500 a day

I’m usually a bit more comfortable writing because I am a firm believer in the standard, write about what you know. I don’t know much about this. After several attempts I’m finding it difficult to feel comfortable because I know nothing about this. Not that I know anything really about the other things I write about here. But at least I feel I have some personal experience with the topics.

So bear with me, while I venture into some uncharted territory from time to time.


That’s Mel, Colette and me, from Christmas at the Krols! Friends indeed, two from a short list of about 6 of my dearest and nearest friends.

Two weeks ago Colette found out that she has breast cancer. I read today that more than 500 woman a day are diagnosed. Wednesday a CT Scan, Thursday the Oncologist, Friday the plan is to cut our hair. More later,  and maybe another photo.

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