Okay, I’m going to have a little rant. I wish that former Vice President Cheney would retire and go home! What is he doing? Me thinks he doth protest too much!

Now his daughter Liz all of a sudden has a platform to be heard. Who is she? According to her, her father talking about President Obama’s making the country more vulnerable is like former VP Al Gore talking about the environment.

WTF!? Can the environment point and set off a nuclear missile? Is she serious?


“Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter, Liz Cheney, accused Barack Obama of finding it “fashionable” to “side with the terrorists” during a Tuesday appearance on Fox News.”


I’d like to say, “Liz Cheney shut up and sing!” But I don’t know if she can sing?

The United States was attacked under the Bush administration. No matter how you slice and dice it, on your watch Mr Cheney.

The finger pointing continues. Because no one has solutions!

You can’t have your cake and eat it with ice cream, whip cream and toppings on a silver Haliburton brief case!

K. think I’m done for now.

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