don't speak...don't speak!


I write stories from time to time. I have several started and saved in a folder on my computer. I think there are about 8 or so. No one has read anything I’ve written since college. Well except for one, The Uncurious Adventures of Knod Knowingly. I started that for National Write a Novel Book last November. Like the rest of them it isn’t finished. I’ll finish it someday, promise.

Most of the stories I write start with reality. A moment in my life, a sentence from a conversation or a thought. Like Knod Knowingly and the land of the Kneverbodies. After that I change everything. Complete creative license. But I need to put on my brave hat and starting putting stuff out there to be read. Good or bad, liked or disliked.

One of those stories, black-and-white-bridges started with one sentence, my friend Jana mentioned all the bridges in Portland the weekend I came to look for a place to live in 1987. There is more to this story. But this is enough for now. Gotta start somewhere.

So that the story doesn’t freak anyone out (tinyelvisgirl). Yes I did go to art school, yes I did give Jana the photo and I moved to Portland. The rest, that creative license thing.

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