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I was twuising Twitter last night (6.24) and ran across this profile;

“Stay-at-home, work-from-home mom worried about my children’s future and bitterly clinging to God and my guns.” Great kids and guns always a good combo.

Then I saw this from her, “JUST IN! ABC to unveil new logo!” And attached to it was an odd image of President Obama with the earth as a third eye and squiggly lines wrapping around his face. She also tweeted, “Wonder how MSNBC is feeling tonight after kissing O’s butt for 2 years!! Your not the only state run media any longer…join the crowd!” Huh?

So somehow, news or an attempt at news is now a competition like American Idol or Dance your Fat Ass off. This kind of talk CHAPS me. Mostly because, hold on a second gotta get up on my high horse. This is such an ignorant, ridiculous simple-minded statement that it makes me wonder how this person even knows now to log into a site like Twitter.

I’d like my conservative friends who seem to be quiet lately to explain this stunningly idiotic comment to me. PLEASE!! Enlighten me I am begging you!

So it’s a bad thing for the President of the United States to be on the news, any news to talk about his agenda and answer questions from the people he works for? At this point in his Presidency wasn’t Bush already back at the ranch on vacation chasing Barney and clearing brush?

I also see tonight that Fox News identified Governor Sanford as a Democrat. They must have hired another intern. Seems like every time a finger wagging Republican gets caught with his pants down around his ankles wagging something else he becomes a Democrat.

I have a friend who tells the story of “amnesty night”. While growing up one night a year, usually Christmas eve, she an her brother’s where allowed to tell their parents anything that they had done during the year that would have gotten them in trouble if know when it happened, but not on amnesty night.

So I have an idea. Let’s have an Amnesty Week, or maybe a month to fit everyone in. For that amount of time, Minister’s, Preacher’s, Politicians, CEO’s, Financial Advisor’s, Teacher’s, Doctor’s, Police Chief’s, Librarian’s, Bus Driver’s, everyone get’s to come clean with adult sexual indiscretion, past drug usage, unpaid Nanny taxes, unpaid taxes … I’m sure there are a few more. Make a 24/7 news channel just for this. Advertiser can be, Viagra, KY Jelly, Legal Aid, Cialus, rehab and depression center’s and that guy that sells all the computer training on DVD. Line up new conference after news conference. Let’er rip! You know, one of those where everyone shows up and hooks their microphones to a box that feeds from one source. That way those poor conservative’s won’t think one network is getting special treatment.

Sidebar, if anyone knows Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R) in Texas. Please do us all a favor and walk the several articles and publications over to him that show or confirm Barack Obama’s birth. Since I don’t think there was a document unveiling for all to attend, and Randy has, “never seen him (Obama) produce documents that would say one way or another.” SOMEONE SHOW THIS TOOL, at least get World Net Daily in front of him, so he can move on.

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