Last yesterday afternoon Twitter, at least here in Portland, heated up with the urgent announcement for people west of the Willamette to boil their water for a minute because E. Coli was found in a random test of a water reservoir.

The Mayor’s tweet;
I guess that story about whether or not to let those who guard those reservoir’s to carry a gun will be put on the shelf.

As I watched the stream the word value was in my head.
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At least, it appears the Mayor is trying to take advantage of a tool that makes communication easy, quick and effective. Yet so many just don’t understand the potential impact of this easy tool. The value. Did we even know that water had a Twitter account?
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Now I’m the first one to say that everyone needs a break. Everyone should take a vacation and you should walk away from your desk at least once a day for more than a bathroom break. But Carri’s point is right on.

Do you hear the world value a lot? How often have you heard it at work? Maybe you don’t? How often do all of us fall short of bringing to the table and showing up with value?

How do we define value? Here is the Good thing is a substantial definition and covers not only, meaning and a monetary concept. It speaks to music and light.

For me the issue is that with value comes, accountability and responsibility. And who has time to be responsible and accountable to everyone they tell they will do something for? No really! Companies talk about value, the value-add of this, and the value we bring to our customer’s. And very often companies staff their departments so inadequately that they can’t actually deliver true value. That value they so eloquently spoke of to convince you to choose them.

I think the reality, it’s one of those words that get’s overused and at the same time underused. In other words, talked about in every staff meeting, conference and un-conference but never actually realized, lot’s of talk, no action.

I grabbed a few lines from some old work documents.

We seek customer relationships that share common values and where true, long-term partnerships are valued and nurtured.

provides the following “value-added” services as part of our offering.

Adding Value to Our Solutions
Adding Significant Value through Focused Savings

Together, we gain a clear, common understanding of the process and the value in completing each step.

And the big one!

A Strategic Value Add

All I can say; say what you mean and mean what you say. Be real. Pay attention and be present. Don’t forget what you say and what you do can have an impact on other’s. Like I tell my little friend, “Think about it, would you like it if your brother did that to you?” When she says, “No.” Then I say, “Then let’s not do that again.”

Now she is four so she is just learning. But hopefully she will start to understand consequences and the idea that things we do and say have consequences. And will take that into her adulthood. Sometimes they are happy, fun rewarding consequences. Other times they can have a negative impact.

Just pay attention! Awareness can be enlightening. And consider what the value of value is. What is it worth to you or you and your organization.

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