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From time to time, I have been known to post things of a political nature on Facebook.  I try to leave the commentary to my “friends”, as I navigate the wonder that is “political”.  I don’t know much, but I know that if I don’t read a lot I will have a skewed and possibly incorrect understanding of what I would form as an opinion.  And sometimes, those “friends” have done some reading as well and have sound, factual rebuttals. 

Occasionally, I respond to a “friends” post.  Again, trying to be as factual as I can with all the wonder this is out there to procure that is factual.  And to be a decent human being about what our differences are when I do respond.  I’d also like to think that even in our difference; we can have an intelligent, insightful, respectful conversation.  That’s, “I’d like to think…”.


Yeah, phew!  “I know you are, but what am I.” 

Mr. Tim above has every right to voice his opinion.  But who is he fooling?   

Last night I Goggled “did Michelle Obama ban soda”.  The first two pages of the search were articles about Michael Bloomberg asking for a ban of large servings of sugary drinks in New York and Michelle Obama supporting or applauding the effort.  In one article, “First lady Michelle Obama says banning big servings of sugary drinks isn’t anything she’d want to do at the federal level, but she offered some kind words Tuesday for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s effort to do just that. She later issued a statement backing away from taking a stand on New York’s controversial proposed ban.”  Mr. Tim can have an opinion, but the First Lady needs to keep her mouth shut.  How could she possibly care about the state of children’s health? 

We don’t talk about the real issues.  The core of what the problem is.  We talk about the garbage barge in the river that has nowhere to go. (Ann and her therapist in, “sex, lies and video tape”)

Ann: Garbage. All I’ve been thinking about all week is garbage. I can’t stop thinking about it.

Therapist: What kind of thoughts about garbage?

Ann: I just… I’ve gotten real concerned over what’s gonna happen with all the garbage.  I mean, we’ve got so much of it. You know? I mean, we have to run out of places to put this stuff eventually

Ann: The last time… I started feelin’ this way is when that barge was stranded and, you know, it was goin’ around the island and nobody would claim it.  Do you remember that?

Therapist: Yes, I remember. Do you have any idea what may have triggered this concern?

Ann: Yeah. Yeah. You see, the other night John was taking out the garbage, and he kept spilling things out of the container, and that made me.. started imagining, like, a garbage can that produces garbage.  And it doesn’t stop, it keeps producing garbage. And it keeps overflowing. And, you know, what would you do to try to stop something like that?

Therapist: Ann, do you see any pattern here?

Ann: What do you mean

Therapist:  Well, last week we were talking about your obsession with the families of airline fatalities. Now we’re talking about your concern over the garbage problem.

Ann: Yeah… So?

Therapist: Well, if you think about it, I think you’ll see the object of your obsession is invariably something negative which you have no control over.

I truly don’t understand the hate.  I truly don’t understand the level of disdain that some carry for others.  There are things and people who I am diametrically opposed to.  But when it comes to people I am a bit more forgiving.  I hope.

Thank you for reading this far.  Now here’s a twelve minute treat for you..  Please watch.



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