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I’d Stand with Sam

It’s hard to explain why I feel the way that I do. That in some ways is so contrary to some that I know. Sometimes so contrary, well so contrary that it makes me wonder, have we always been this far away from each other?

I watch this;

I watch this;


And I cry. I don’t know if I cry because of how grateful I am for what these two have said, for so many of the wonderful people in my life that I love and care for, or because so many believe they are wrong.

Like feelings or love has a right or wrong. (you know what I mean) That we as a species can love and tolerate some, but cast aside others like trash or criminals. For me that’s fear at it’s worst.

Students in Missouri “Stand with Sam” and blocked the Westboro Baptist Church from doing what they do. I hope the parents of those students are proud of them.

There is goodness in our world. There is compassion and love for others. Why does this create such dissension? Who is it hurting?

It’s hard to explain why I feel the way that I do. Is it because of how my parents raised me? Bringing me up in a church that was open and shut no one out. Is it because of my cousin who I will never know if he was happy? Or was able to live the life, short as it was, that he wanted and was able to be loved and feel love. Is it because of the amazing people in my life who share my feelings?

It’s hard to explain why my heart hurts when I think about the things that people say about and to others that they know nothing about.

I’m not the smartest person in the room most of the time. All the time probably. I hope instead that at the very least I’m always fair, descent and compassionate toward those around me. Never hurting anyone, never saying anything so as to create a wave that directly or indirectly hurts another.

It’s hard to explain why I feel the way that I do. But I’m glad that I do feel the way that I do.

Thanks Mom and Dad and who ever else out there taught me to love no matter what. To be open hearted and open minded. To not judge or disenfranchise others. To consider others equal and deserving of every good thing in life, no matter what.

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