Listen. Can you?

Consider what you bring to listen more than what is being said.  To just listen. What do you believe and what biases have you left to acknowledge in how you hear different or opposing opinions, ideas or even truth.  

Can you listen and consider more?  Consider like me, I am ill equipped to understand.  Is it complex?  Does that thought keep me from speaking out? Often yes.

Stop the genocide. 


Humanity is killing itself.

Acknowledge the rise of antisemitism and white supremacy.

I will fully admit that there are opposing opinions that I have a difficult time listening to and I often don’t get all the way through.  Those are messages that are filled with hate and oppression.  Words that dehumanize a certain people.  Words that disparage for no other reason than to cover up an insecurity. 

Here I’ll say it, words from the current front runner of the Republican Party and his followers.  Words that for years now have done nothing but escalate and expand the disparagement of humans, of all demographics. 

I will say this again and over and over, no one will be safe with this faction of this party.  And that includes his supporters.  If you get in his way, you will be next.  Supporting him is not your security.  If you don’t already see that… well, godspeed.

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