creative don't speak...don't speak!


Yes, yet another test of ones ability to commit to something for 30 days. I’ve long said that I have commitment issues. Sure, sure I’ve had jobs for longer than 30 days. I finished high school and college (second time around). But I think my attention span for most everything in my life is, as they say, of a gnat.

Twice now I’ve started NaNoWriMo. Twice now I’ve fallen ridiculously short of 50,000 words. I just plain ole run out of steam, words or imagination. Not sure which. Can’t commit myself to the reason behind that, to busy not finishing other things. I did decide that since the main, or only character in this year’s NaNoWriMo wanted to be a writer that I would combine all the short stories that I’ve written. Including last years. I almost hit 30,000 words. So even cheating I didn’t make it. Maybe I’m destined for the short story circuit?

Last month I discovered National Blog Post Month. Of course, one more thing to try not to finish! So I secretly started yesterday. Actually posted it about 11:57pm. So it doesn’t really count. But I was on the right track.

What I didn’t realize that unlike November, December NaBloPoMo has a theme, MITZVAH. What the hell is that? I’ve been to a Bat and Bar Mitzvah. But by itself does it mean something entirely different? So this much I know, it’s of Jewish origin. So Wikipedia here I come for the full description. “The term mitzvah has also come to express an act of human kindness.” Oh, cool! I think I can put yesterday’s post in that category?

And I think I can write about expressions of human kindness. And it makes me think of the movie, Marvin’s Room. Diane Keaton’s character while picking up pills of the floor, says to Meryl Streep’s character;

Bessie: I’ve been so lucky. I’ve been so lucky to have Dad and Ruth. I’ve had such love in my life. … and I’ve had such…..such love.

Lee: Yes, they love you very much.

Bessie: That’s not what I mean. No. I mean that I love them. I have been so lucky to be able to love someone so much.

What are we missing that we don’t practice more acts of kindness. And not random, all the time! I know, I know! I was thinking the other day that maybe really deep down I’m Pollyanna? Good God!

After almost 49 years and a true understanding of who I am (or think I am) for at least 40 of those, am I really a Pollyanna? People have called me funny, sardonic, but never Pollyanna.

By the way, the movie Pollyanna with Jane Wyman, Karl Malden, Adolphe Menjou and Agnes Moorehead, was made in or released in 1960.

Pollyanna’s philosophy of life centers on what she calls “The Glad Game”, an optimistic attitude she learned from her father. The game consists of finding something to be glad about in every situation.

I took this idea, turned it a bit and suggested it to some friends who have kids. Amazing kids. But the kids are running the house a bit right now. And know exactly how to work it … cause they are so smart! And not just because I know them and love’m, but cause they are smart!

When they want to change the direction of things that seem to not be going their way they get very sad. Well, really don’t we all. They get very sad and say, “I’m sad and I need a hug.” How can you resist that! I can’t. My suggestion was, how about changing that up a bit, “I’m happy and need a hug.”