don't speak...don't speak!


What has happened to us? What is it that creates and causes once friend, room mates even, to have such difference that one would “unfriend” on Facebook?

I have over 400 friends. It seems like a lot to me. But then there were over 500 in my graduating high school class. I went to a state college for two year and new fairly well more than a handful of people. Several jobs, another college, small so knew most of those people at some level.

There is a distinct divide and difference in the overall opinion of my “friends”. Some extreme, some not. Some caustic, some not. Some very funny, some not. Some diametrically apposed, some not.

Some post things that I absolutely agree with. Some post things that I absolutely disagree with. Occasionally, I try to articulately and with as much reason and logic that my brain can muster, comment on what they post. And I mean occasionally, rarely actually. Can probably count on both hands when I have done this.

I’m not changing their mind, just like they aren’t changing mine. I will say this, at least if I post something I do my very best to vet it for fact, truth and reality. Some of my “friends” who I held in high regard or thought very smart, have made me question that of late.

It would be one thing if what they posted I was not able to in 30 – 50 seconds debunk with a quick Google search. But 9 out of 10, I am able to do that. In some cases bogus beyond, beyond that it makes me think…maybe they aren’t as smart as i thought they were. Then I think, I’m not that smart so that can’t be true.

Why is it that I take care to check and be careful to not just post anything? Or stay away from extreme tragedy or brutality?

Like I posted on 11/29;
My opinion. The only truth on Facebook, pictures of food. Oh and maybe cat videos.

The rest, mean, wide sweeping generalizations that have no potential for anything positive and perpetuate stereotypes. Crazy unreal fact-less opinions and accusations that can only serve to continue the pain and suffering that I would think at this point we’ve all had enough of.

If you have access to Facebook you have access to the internet. How about a little caution and research before you share?

How can misinformation or misunderstandings not perpetuate the evil that exists? How can it not perpetuate the hatred?

Haven’t you had enough? I know I have. (with a picture of my Thanksgiving turkey)

The only thing I would have done different with that post was actually end it with, “and here is a picture of a turkey.”

Yesterday a friend posted this;

I commented something to the effect that we should help and that I would be helping, not all Syrians are evil and I included a link to Mercy Corp.

Then I posted on my Facebook page;
Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.59.12 PM

Today, she unfriended me. Makes me sad. Not sure why, but it does. Some of her posts have been on the more conservative side of things and in my opinion, kind of mean and disrespectful. But I didn’t unfriend her. I haven’t unfriended any of my friends who have opposite opinions to mine.

So, I guess I was too…I don’t know? Too kind? Too honest, too inclusive? I don’t know, just sad.

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