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I started peeling the paint off of my kitchen cabinets the other day. It was kind of like therapy in a way. I could, if patient and attentive, peel the paint off in one entire piece. It was kind of rubbery when it did come off. Of course if I went to fast it would break. But I could grab the next piece and continue. Here is a big piece of it I pulled from the trash. It’s very smooth. Almost like a very thin piece of vinyl. Very nice!

Under that is another layer, well let’s say several layers under the first. But they don’t seem to want to just roll off like the top layer. Now I don’t know my paint at all. Which in itself could be an entirely different post. But why did this first layer peel off so easily? Literally any nick would scratch the surface and you could peel away! My random guess, wrong kind of paint to cover what was there. Cause the rest, ain’t giving up that easily.

So why put all this here, every where? As mentioned earlier in another post at my blog. I have been wanting to repaint or redo the kitchen since shortly after I moved in. But it was good as it was so why take the time or the money.

Well, now I have so much time on my hands it’s crazy to not dig in. And I certainly can’t pay someone to do it. I’ve cleaned out the closets, storage and have purged the paper files. Threw out the tree’s that I brought home from my last job that had been filed under training and technology. RIght, poor tree’s! Interesting thing about that if they were actually able to implement some of their training, they might be great instead of pretty good. But then what do I know about business and sales…

Why post? If I put it here maybe someone will help keep me on track to finish. And as I get more paint off, I’ll post more pictures. Of course now that I’ve gone this far;

See and download the full gallery on posterous

There really is no turning back. As soon as that orange stuff has set a bit longer … I’m hoping it releases the paint to I can unhinge the doors? I hope? Why do people paint hinges?

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