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I started peeling the paint off of my kitchen cabinets the other day. It was kind of like therapy in a way. I could, if patient and attentive, peel the paint off in one entire piece. It was kind of rubbery when it did come off. Of course if I went to fast it would break. But I could grab the next piece and continue. Here is a big piece of it I pulled from the trash. It’s very smooth. Almost like a very thin piece of vinyl. Very nice!

Under that is another layer, well let’s say several layers under the first. But they don’t seem to want to just roll off like the top layer. Now I don’t know my paint at all. Which in itself could be an entirely different post. But why did this first layer peel off so easily? Literally any nick would scratch the surface and you could peel away! My random guess, wrong kind of paint to cover what was there. Cause the rest, ain’t giving up that easily.

So why put all this here, every where? As mentioned earlier in another post at my blog. I have been wanting to repaint or redo the kitchen since shortly after I moved in. But it was good as it was so why take the time or the money.

Well, now I have so much time on my hands it’s crazy to not dig in. And I certainly can’t pay someone to do it. I’ve cleaned out the closets, storage and have purged the paper files. Threw out the tree’s that I brought home from my last job that had been filed under training and technology. RIght, poor tree’s! Interesting thing about that if they were actually able to implement some of their training, they might be great instead of pretty good. But then what do I know about business and sales…

Why post? If I put it here maybe someone will help keep me on track to finish. And as I get more paint off, I’ll post more pictures. Of course now that I’ve gone this far;

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There really is no turning back. As soon as that orange stuff has set a bit longer … I’m hoping it releases the paint to I can unhinge the doors? I hope? Why do people paint hinges?

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The Perils of Unemployment

Being unemployed means you have 40 extra hours a week to fill with something.  I have a lot of free time.  Problem is, I like it.  I do “nothing” better than anyone I know.  Mainly because I can do “nothing” for a very long time and love every minute of it!  Besides, you can only job search so many hours a day.  And networking is lunch, dinner or if you’re lucky just a drink!

I was laid off last September. I knew it was coming long before September. There’s no place in a box, with high walls and excel spread-sheet to fill out for a crazy right brainer like me.


Although I think that I do well in that world and have a nice balance. But I’m about relationships, the company I was with was about the transaction. Ca-Ching!

Since September I attempted to write a novel. Still working on that actually. I think the core of the story was too much about my life to keep me interested. I haven’t had a bad life, but it hasn’t been one big party after another either. And, I guess, you know I’ve heard it all before. I know how it played out, so no need to hash it all out again. Nothing will change from it. And I couldn’t spin it enough to make it interesting enough I guess to keep me.

I attempted a career shift, tried to become a social media…something? Not an expert. That takes 10,000 hours. Not a guru, for me that implies following. Even though that’s what Twitter is about, don’t really want people following me. Practitioner feels to medicinal. I put on LinkedIn Social Media Wrangler. I spent the last 10 months reading, exploring and deep diving into the social media space. I have a bunch of accounts.  Even have my own Poken, do you?  Some of those accounts are listed here. A lot of places to be huh?  My list of social media is a FRACTION of that.  But some days too many.  I’m still not as glued to it as I was.  Twitter was down day before yesterday.  That’s what I heard.  Didn’t even know it until later that night.

I belong to Social Media club. I Twitter and FB for PSU and set up my friend at Bonneville Spa. But you see, these “social media” spots are either in the marketing or communications departments. Crazy me thinking that I could get a job in communications? It’s so specialized. How dare I step outside my box! Right. Not in a box, never have been. But my past “title’s” are defining me and have me square in the middle of a box.  Maybe that’s why I’ve thrown so many away in the last couple of weeks while purging?


I started cleaning out closets and purging boxes and storage. After several trips to Goodwill, ARC and the Community Warehouse, I’ve gone from two full storage units to one almost full. I have a few things left to shred and recycle.  But have to wait for them to empty the big dumpster’s around the complex.  Seems I’m not the only one.


Got my car cleaned up to sell. Time to get off my ass. Besides, the $500 a month that I’ll save and the cash in the bank from the sale will make unemployment a bit manageable incase it’s a few more month before I do find work.

for sale $11,000

Now I’m going to attempt to do what I’ve wanted to have done since I moved into my condo. The kitchen cabinets have about 27 layers of paint on them. So many in fact that some of the doors don’t close for the paint on the hinges.


I’m actually hoping that I kind of get started, find a job and then can pay someone to finish it! 😉

Although selling the car will allow me to hold off and not just take any job. Of course with unemployment if I get offered a job I have to take it. But no on is offering so I’m not worried about that.

I don’t however think I have the skill and ability to finish that cabinet job…