Again, Fear

I think sometimes that people don’t understand fear.  Maybe they think of fear as something physical, physical harm.  Fear of falling a great distance, a head on collision, being shot or beaten, attacked by another.  Yes, I guess those are certainly something to fear, a physical harm that hurts or takes you life.  

Fear of a mental nature based on an unknown feels more difficult to consider or describe.  

There are a lot of people out there who have the fear and fear of some people.  They are carefully crafting scenarios that either have no merit or aren’t reality.  

They are psychologically feeding your fears.   I would argue or question maybe that you don’t even see it or it doesn’t register with you as a fear.  It’s an imposition or an infringement on you.  What you believe or deem right.  But calling it a fear allows you to take your stand.

The thing is, everyone is probably offended by something someone does.  But is it physically harming you or infringing on your beliefs and rights?  Is your disagreement of a certain community doing the very thing you hold dear for yourself?  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  

How does a drag queen harm you?

How does a trans person harm you?

How does a gay person harm you?

How does a person who looks different that you do, harm you? 

Color, size, nationality, sex, fashion, the car you drive or the street you live on.

Truly, if you stopped, listened to understand and heard the other, guess what.  They want the same thing.

To be safe, happy, healthy and live with ease.

They don’t want more than you have, just the same. And those who want or expect more, or you think they expect more, they really don’t. But believing that some expect more gives you license to divide, accuse and believe that you are the one who is disenfranchised.

Honestly we should all be fighting against the rich who get richer by those who give them tax breaks leaving you and me to pay the bill.  

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