don't speak...don't speak!

My Reality

My reality?  

I’m not here to understand.  

I hear and read things that fit no where in my brain.  

No reason or logic.

I’m not here to understand.

I am here to not question others who believe that they have or no the best path for them.

Yet I will question their need for their beliefs to be the only acceptable belief for others.

I have a lot of questions about humanity these days.  I know I’m not alone, but what is most confusing are those who seem to have a diametric opposition to how I see or feel about redeemable actions of others.

I believe we should do what we can to take care of others regardless of their place.  That we are the richest (or so they say) country in the world so why does anyone suffer lack or disenfranchisement?

I believe that love is love.  So why who another loves has any harmful affect on me or anyone else is beyond me.

We don’t actually have, life liberty or the pursuit of happiness.  

Justice is not balanced, equal or fair.

Fear is our M.O., how else do we navigate the day to survive?

Government has their hands in the wrong issues and seem to disregard the will or bit of the people for their own interests.  Maybe everything should go to vote and all elected officials do is read their “opinions” for the citizens to vote on and that vote passes all and any new legislation.  (Yes I know there’s a lot bad that could happen there considering what some have done recently to suppress votes.

Drag Queens, gays, LGBTQ+, pronouns is not the problem.  Treatment of them is.

Average, normal every day citizens don’t need automatic fire arms that can shoot hundreds of rounds.  That should be only given to and used by military.  And not local police.  When in confrontation, why do they shoot someone  20, 30, 40, 60, 70 times?  Maybe they should all have 6 shooters? And if they are that fearful, maybe they are in the wrong job?

We should do what we can to help the houseless.  I know complicated, very complex issue.  So we should analyze it that way and stop with the band-aids, making them move and boulder gardens.  Millions spent to put sharp boulders here and there, what else could that money do.

For some reason I have a very low threshold for ethics and morality.  There should be a way to measure that and it be what disqualifies someone for running for an office that has the responsibility to take care of other humans. Yes, I’ll say it Trump, DeSantis, Cruz, MTG, Jordan, Boebert … just to name a few.

From time to time I catch myself saying, these people aren’t conservative, I’m conservative. I’m no prude, but seriously? Who reset what I thought were morals, ethics, fairness, justice and just plain old human decency? Judgment and hatred have moved in.

Maybe there should actually be a job description for the President of the Unites States (all political seats) with required qualifications and accountable responsibilities.  This would include the requirement of submittal of tax returns.  Which had been done for years before Trump.

How many companies have you worked for that have a code of ethics or standards or even conduct that are part of the culture? That you even had to yearly do an on demand training about that ethical or moral behavior? Me…many. Why are these jobs and the people in them allowed to run amuck and impose their concocted new brand of morality and ethical behavior? For me, nothing is further form the truth most of them. I mean, really? Come on!

Love is love is love is love and MUST win!  Why would anyone want anything else?